Postdoctoral Fellow

Mentor: Cameron McIntyre, PhD

Lab: Neuromodulation Center

The McIntyre Laboratory hopes to improve deep brain stimulation (DBS) for the treatment of movement disorders and provide the fundamental technology necessary for the effective application of DBS to new clinical arenas.


Clayton is a postdoctoral fellow who joined the FES Center in 2019. Originally from Utah, he received his B.S. in Biology at Utah State University and M.S. in BME at University of Southern California. Clayton began his professional career as a data scientist in information services and private equity consulting. Clayton then continued his graduate training (Ph.D., 2019) at the University of Southern California, where he studied potential hippocampal prostheses for the treatment of temporal lobe disorders. In his Ph.D. dissertation he demonstrated how multi-scale models can predict how hippocampal behavior is modulated by micro-electroceutical devices. Ultimately, he was able to predict hippocampal evoked potentials under varying stimulating conditions. This effort involved integrating numerical electromagnetics, complex neural modeling, computer visualization, and parallel computing. His current work focuses on understanding the level of biological realism in neural modeling required to accurately predict the therapeutic efficacy of subthalamic deep brain stimulation to treat essential tremor and Parkinson’s disease.  Specifically, he aims to study the influence of STN-DBS mediated activation of the hyperdirect pathway on spatiotemporal patterns of primary motor cortical activity.  

Postdoctoral Scholar
Case Western Reserve University


University of Southern California
PhD, Biomedical / Mechanical Engineering ’19


Program Contact
Clayton Bingham

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(801) 376-5842