Electrical Activation of Afferent Nerves to Restore Bladder Function

The overall goal of this program is to restore pelvic health to individuals with neurological disease or injury.

About This Study

This study uses electrical stimulation to activate or inhibit the bladder in individuals with SCI during urodynamics.

Study Information

This program will demonstrate the effectiveness of the ability to control bladder emptying and leakage through FES.

Detailed program information and criteria available at: https://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT03472599


Improving the Lives of People with SCI

Principal Investigators: Steven Brose, DO

Program Contact: Steven Brose, DO

Contact Number: (315) 425-6870

Contact Email: Steven.Brose@va.gov

Contact Request

Researchers rely on individuals to serve as volunteers for program studies. Each study is designed to answer questions about a specific medical aspect or the effectiveness of a particular treatment. Through the commitment of research volunteers, knowledge gained and communicated to other medical professionals ultimately benefits the community.

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