Treating patients with intractable neuropathic pain is challenging.

Electrical stimulation of the spinal cord and peripheral nerve stimulation or electrical nerve block has opened new opportunities for treating selective patient population successfully by improving pain and restoring function.

Areas of Interest

  • Neuropathic and intractable pain of somatic and visceral origin
  • Development of novel treatments using neuromodulation including electrical and intrathecal drug infusion via implantable devices.
  • Beside applications of new technology, I am interested on functional outcomes captured by either complex patient reported measures and /or wearable devices as markers of neuroplasticity and disease modification by neuromodulation.

Research Programs

  • Spinal cord stimulation application and mechanism of action
  • Intrathecal therapies, identification of optimal delivery patterns and new applications
  • Peripheral nerve stimulation
  • Functional outcomes from neuromodulation
  • Studying mechanisms by which neuromodulation might promote neuronal regeneration

Publications (Select)

Entire publication list can be found here.

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Cleveland FES Center

Pain Physician
Chief, Pain Medicine Service Line
North East Ohio VA Health Care System

Associate Professor, Department of Anesthesiology, Pain Medicine
Case Western Reserve University


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Elias Veizi, MD, PhD

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