Andreas Alexopoulos, MD, MPH, is a Staff Physician in the Epilepsy Center of the Neurological Institute, located on the main campus of Cleveland Clinic.

He was appointed in 2005 subsequent to completion of a fellowship in epilepsy and clinical neurophysiology. Prior to his appointment, he was Chief Resident in adult neurology at Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York City. Dr. Alexopoulos is certified in neurology and in clinical neurophysiology by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology, and he is certified in MRI/CT by the American Society of Neuroimaging. His specialty interests include epilepsy, clinical neurophysiology, epilepsy surgery and translational research in epilepsy.

Dr. Alexopoulos received his medical degree from the University of Athens, graduating with honors. He served in the Hellenic navy as a Physician Petty Officer. He returned to the United States for an internship in medicine and surgery at Newton-Wellesley Hospital in Boston, Mass. He is licensed to practice medicine in Massachusetts, Indiana, Ohio, as well as Greece and the United Kingdom.

Publications (Select)

Entire publication list can be found here.

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