Multi-functional Neuroprosthetic System for Restoration of Motor Function in Spinal Cord Injury

The goal of this project is to restore these multiple functions to these individuals through a comprehensive neuroprosthetic approach that addresses the overall needs of the individual.

In clinical feasibility studies in people living with spinal cord injury, our clinical research teams have demonstrated the control of bilateral hand function bed mobility, postural control, restoration of an effective cough, and bladder control using chronically implanted neuroprostheses. Outcomes from each clinical study demonstrate that each system provides increased functional independence to the individual. 

About This Study

With this system, we propose that individuals who have a mid-cervical spinal cord injury will regain control over multiple functions, including grasp, reach, bed mobility, seated posture, restoration of an effective cough and bladder function.

Study Information

This system, the Networked Neuroprosthesis System (NNPS), is a modular, scalable, and configurable network of fully implanted, networked modules capable of meeting or exceeding the needs of all o these neuroprosthetic applications. The NNPS provides a foundation which enables efficient technical refinements that optimize implementation of the system for each targeted application.

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Principal Investigators: Kevin Kilgore, PhD

Program Contact: Kimberly Mackay LPN

Contact Number: (216) 957-3558

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