Education and Training Overview

Developing technology and advanced science is most valuable if it is communicated effectively. The Cleveland FES Center is dedicated to the dissemination of information related to our work to clinicians, rehabilitation professionals and end users. Developing the technology and advanced science requires the mentoring and training of capable researchers in the fields of neuroprosthesis and neurorehabilitation. In this effort the Cleveland FES Center strives to provide such education to not only the researchers within the Cleveland FES Center, but also to the research community at large.

The approach of making the FES Center a national and international resource for education, training and information dissemination will focus on reaching out to clinicians, involving the research community, and educating consumers through local courses, special sessions at professional society meetings, and hosting workshops of special interest.

We are dedicated to the integration of engineering and medical education. We serve to educate science and engineering students, both at the graduate and post-graduate level, with the clinical aspects of FES Center research. Additionally, we facilitate productive interactions between those researchers advancing the fundamental understanding of the nervous system and creating innovative technologies, and the medical students, residents and fellows, who will implement the technology in the future.