Universal External Control Unit

Availability: AvailableLocation: TDLContact PI: Jim Uhlir Contact Email: jpu2@case.eduVendor: Cleveland FES CenterPertinent Capabilities: After the internal components of the neuroprostheses systems are implanted, our clinicians and researchers must develop the patient-specific stimulation patterns and download this information into wearable external controllers called Universal External Control Units (UECUs). The research participants wear the UECU on a…

Radiometer TCm400-5 Tissue Gas Monitor

Availability: AvailableLocation: FES CenterContact PI: Frank Jacono, MD Contact Email: frank.jacono@uhhospitals.orgVendor: Radiometer America Inc.Pertinent Capabilities: The TCM400-5 provides transcutaneous oxygen tension (TcPO2) and carbon dioxide (TcPCO2) information continuously and non-invasively at up to 5 sites on the body, concurrently.

SRM Cycle Ergometer

Availability: AvailableLocation: FES CenterContact PI: Jay Alberts Contact Email: albertj@ccf.orgVendor: SRM Inc.Pertinent Capabilities: A state-of-the-art cycle ergometer is essential for characterizing lower extremity motor function and for the performance of cardiopulmonary testing.

The Flexivent FX Module 2 Cylinder

Availability: AvailableLocation: FES CenterVendor: SCIREQPertinent Capabilities: The flexiVent is widely regarded as the gold standard for in vivo lung function measurements. It goes beyond traditional resistance and compliance measurements, and captures crucial details about the mechanical properties of conducting airways, terminal airways and parenchyma. The flexiVent achieves the highest sensitivity and reproducibility by precisely controlling…

K800 Channel Amplifier

Availability: AvailableLocation: FES CenterVendor: Biometrics Fotronic CorporationPertinent Capabilities: Modern microprocessor controlled general purpose amplifier system which is designed to be worn by the subject; provides a user-friendly method for collecting signals from a variety of sensors in a format which may readily be connected to proprietary display & recording systems including A/D cards

Labchart Pro

Availability: AvailableLocation: B-E238Contact PI: Bolu Ajiboye, PhD Contact Email: bolu.ajiboye@case.eduVendor: ADInstrumentsPertinent Capabilities: PowerLab is a data acquisition (DAQ) device engineered for precise, consistent, reliable data acquisition.

Cyberglove 18-Sensored Wired

Availability: AvailableLocation: B-E235Contact PI: Jayme Knutson, PhD Contact Email: jsk12@case.eduVendor: Cyberglove SystemsPertinent Capabilities: The CyberGlove motion capture data glove is fully instrumented with up to 22 high-accuracy joint-angle measurements. It uses proprietary resistive bend-sensing technology to accurately transform hand and finger motions into real-time digital joint-angle data.

Biodex 3-Pro Ortho (2)

Availability: AvailableLocation: B-E213Contact PI: Elizabeth Hardin, PhD Contact Email: ehardin@fescenter.orgVendor: Biodex Medical SystemsPertinent Capabilities: Medical chair that offers testing and rehabilitation services for the knee, ankle and hip plus the shoulder, elbow, forearm and wrist.

Biomechanics Force Platform

Availability: AvailableLocation: MSLContact PI: Elizabeth Hardin, PhD Contact Email: ehardin@fescenter.orgVendor: AMTI Inc.Pertinent Capabilities: Truly Portable Motion Capture System For Biomechanics, Sports Performance And Ergonomics. Measure Anywhere. Fully Synchronized. Types: EMG, Motion Capture, Integrated Software.