Technology Transfer and Clinical Deployment

In its pursuit of addressing the needs of disabled individuals, the Cleveland FES Center has the unique capacity to conceive, fabricate, test and produce advanced technologies whenever necessary to meet those needs. In particular, the Cleveland FES Center is a global leader in the design, development, and implementation of implantable neuroprosthetic technology in an academic setting. For the FES Center, advanced technologies, whether developed in-house or acquired externally, are a means to achieving successful clinical outcomes.

FES Center engineers stay abreast of the latest techniques, materials and concepts utilized in the medical device industry. This provides a solid technical foundation for the innovative development of novel solutions to the identified clinical needs. Importantly, engineers and clinicians work together to achieve solutions, ensuring that the outcome will be both technologically feasible and clinically effective. Constant communication occurs during the innovation process as investigators seek to match needs with innovative solutions. Typically, during this stage,
prototype systems are utilized to test concepts and gain critical knowledge regarding new features that might enhance function and establishing final design criteria.

Once a technology is found to be promising, it must be refined and fabricated in a consistent manner for use in clinical experimentation. Importantly, the FES Center is capable of producing human grade implants and electrodes that meet all necessary regulatory requirements for investigational device use in humans. Once a new design has been successfully fabricated in-house and devices are needed in higher volumes for clinical studies, engineers work in conjunction with external suppliers and manufacturing houses to produce larger volumes of quality-controlled devices.

Through the development of advanced technologies, the FES Center strives to impact function, health and quality of life for those individuals with disabilities.