Epimysial & IM Electrodes

Both electrodes have multi-stranded 316 stainless steel conductors helically-wound in tandem from the electrode to the connector.  The helically-wound cable is covered with a silicone tube (“closed helix”). The silicone-encased cable terminates onto a 4mm diameter Pt-10 Ir dis​c molded into a medical-grade dacron-reinforced silicone substrate. The intramuscular electrode has a 316 stainless steel stimulating area wound around the distal end of the lead.  The conducting cable for the IM electrode is identical to the cable used for the epimysial electrode.

Cuff Electrode

This self-spiraling electrode is designed to conform to the natural circumference of a nerve. The cuff electrode has multiple contracts (2- 4+) that can be wired to stimulate or record in a monopolar or multipolar configuration.

MES Electrode

The MES electrodes are bipolar epimysial electrodes surgically attached to the epimysium of the target muscle. They are made of two 4mm diameter Pt-10 Ir discs molded into a medical grade dacron-reinforced silicone substrate. The discs are positioned 10mm apart. The cables for the bipolar MES electrodes are identical to the epimysial and IM electrodes in that they form a single cable to the electrode, then bifurcate at a Y-junction that separates the two bipolar channels on the connector end.

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