Walking Stability

Neural Prostheses and Gait Performance: Model-based Strategies


The overall goal of this project is to improve the walking stability of stroke survivors through the application of functional electrical stimulation (FES) technology. We are determining whether there are optimal patterns of functional electrical stimulation (FES) of muscles in the lower legs that will improve walking ability and at the same time ensure walking stability. FES is delivered by skin surface electrodes similar to those typically used in TENS applications.

About This Study

Purpose: The purpose of this study is to use FES in the lower legs to improve walking and stability in those who have had a stroke.

Study Information: Participation in the Standard Walking phase includes walking short distances in the laboratory and on a treadmill to measure walking motion. The Optimized Walking phase will measure walking with and without stimulation via surface electrodes. Each phase requires about four (4) hours of participation.

Principal Investigator: Elizabeth Hardin, Ph.D.
Contact: Lisa Lombardo, P.T.
Contact Number: (216) 791-3800 x4909
Contact Email: llombardo@fescenter.org