The overall goal of this project is to improve the personal mobility of individuals with spinal cord injuries (SCI) through the application of surgically implanted functional electrical stimulation (FES) technology.

Participants with incomplete spinal injuries may gain the ability to walk with balance assistance. Both voluntary and stimulated strength of the partially paralyzed muscles may improve after training with FES, allowing individuals to achieve independent household or community walking


Facilitating Ambulation After Incomplete SCI with FES: Speed and Pattern Optimization


  • To implement an implanted neuroprosthesis for walking after incomplete spinal cord injury controlled by EMG signals from muscles under volitional control.
  • To customize stimulation patterns based on computer-generated models in order to achieve near normal walking patterns.
  • To continuously modulate walking velocity on demand without conscious effort.

Objective: FES technology will offer individuals with limited mobility the potential for increased independence and brace-free mobility. It potentially will provide a means to effectively negotiate home and community environments otherwise inaccessible by wheelchair.


Principal Investigator: Ronald Triolo, Ph.D.
Clinical Contact: Lisa Lombardo, MPT
Contact Number: (216) 791-3800 x4909
Contact Email: llombardo@APTCenter.org