Bladder Function

Electrical Activation of Afferent Nerves to Restore Bladder Function


The Pelvic Health program addresses issues of bladder emptying (micturition) and prevention of leakage (continence) in individuals with bladder dysfunction. Bladder dysfunction produces some of the most common complications of individuals with spinal cord injury (SCI), multiple sclerosis and stroke. It can have a devastating impact on an individual’s quality of life. The overall goal of this program is to restore pelvic health to individuals with neurological disease or injury.

About This Study

Purpose: This study uses electrical stimulation to activate or inhibit the bladder in individuals with SCI during urodynamics.

Study Information: This program will demonstrate the effectiveness of the ability to control bladder emptying and leakage through FES. This program will be completed upon translation into clinical care.

Principal Investigator: Steven Brose, DO
Contact: Steven Brose, DO
Contact Number: (216) 791-3800 x4707
Contact Email: