Gopalakrishnan, Raghavan, PhD, MBA

raghavan gopalakrishnanResearch Statement

I am a research engineer/scientist with a special interest in medical signal processing and electrophysiology. Over the past 15 years, I have worked in several different research projects to study illnesses related to musculo-skeletal, cardiovascular and neurological disorders. Since 2010, I have been a co-investigator on several research projects focused primarily on signal processing aspects of neural oscillations. In a cutting edge clinical trial (NIH DP2OD006469) to study the effects of Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) on the affective component of post-stroke chronic pain, I studied neural oscillations relating to pain affect and pain using Magnetoencephalography (MEG) and Electroencephalography (EEG). The project is based on the premise that chronic pain is not merely a sensory phenomenon, but modulated by affective and cognitive spheres as well. The main goal was to explore, before and after DBS treatment, the utility of MEG oscillations as possible objective bio-markers of contextual processes that modulated pain. In another project (NIH R01HD061363), I investigated using Local Field Potentials (LFP) and spike data, the spectral profile of rat dentate nucleus and oscillatory components that were differentially modulated during successful and unsuccessful performance of a reach and grasp task. Currently, I am involved in a clinical trial (NIH UH3NS100543) to study the effects of DBS on dentatothalamocortical pathway in promoting motor recovery. Overall, my research goals are to come up with novel signal processing solutions to analyze neurological oscillations to assist in the development of diagnostic and therapeutic tools. Currently, I am working on extending my prior research on chronic pain to investigate oscillopathies using multivariate electrophysiological functional connectivity approach.

Professional Affiliations

  • Investigator, Cleveland FES Center
  • Investigator, Center for Neurological Restoration, Neurological Institute, Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, OH
  • Investigator, Chronic Pain Rehabilitation Center, Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, OH
  • Investigator, Magnetoencephalography (MEG) Laboratory, Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, OH

Publications (Select)

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