Bryden, Anne, MA, OTR/L

Research Statement

As an Occupational Therapist and Sociologist, Anne is deeply committed to improving the lives of people with spinal cord injury. With more than twenty years of experience specializing in upper extremity care of people with cervical spinal cord injury, Anne leads the functional assessment program for upper extremity neuroprosthetics and reconstructive surgeries at The Cleveland FES Center. Currently she is responsible for leading the multi-center pivotal clinical trial for the Networked Neuroprosthesis (NNP) System, the latest innovation developed at the Cleveland FES Center. Her research interests include upper extremity assessment, surgical interventions, outcomes measurement, and the social determinants of health and wellness in people with chronic physical disability.

Additionally, Anne is investigating the experiences of health and social resource navigation following spinal cord injury through the lens of human rights by measuring barriers and facilitators to obtaining supports necessary for improved quality of life. She is also conducting research on the human rights knowledge base of health professionals and other stakeholders involved in the care of people with spinal cord injury.


Professional Affiliations

  • Investigator, Cleveland FES Center
  • Director, Clinical Trials and Research, Institute for Functional Restoration, Case Western Reserve University
  • Doctoral Candidate, Department of Sociology, Case Western Reserve University

Publications (Select)

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  • Bryden AM, Sinnott KA, Mulcahey MJ.  Innovative Strategies for Improving Upper Extremity Function in Tetraplegia and Considerations in Measuring Functional Outcomes.  Topics in Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation 2005;10(4)75-93.
  • Bryden AM, Kilgore KL, Lind BB and Yu DT.  Triceps Denervation as a Predictor of Elbow Flexion Contractures in C5 and C6 Tetraplegia. Arch Phys Med Rehabil 2004;85(11)1880-1885.

Research Programs

  • Human Rights, Science, and Disability: Attitudes of Health Care Providers and Scientists, Science and Human Rights Coalition of the American Association for the Advancement of Science


Contact Information

Contact Name: Anne Bryden
Contact Number: (216) 957-3594
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